Authentic Photography, for an Authentic Brand


A picture is worth a thousand words is how the phrase goes, but what if those words aren’t the ones you want people saying?

Part of developing marketing for our clients is considering the best way to authentically tell their story. We live in a visual age, so it goes without saying that a lot of our marketing stories are told in pictures. A compelling image can pull your audience in, connect with them in an emotional way, and as a brand, convey who your audience is and what you can provide them.

Yet, along with compelling, we need to consider authenticity. Does an image portray who you really are? Audiences are far more skeptical today of a brand’s persona. They want – and demand – authenticity and will call you out if they sense anything less than. This is where authentic photography that is exclusive to you and that captures and portrays who you really are, becomes vital to your marketing efforts.

What about stock, you ask? Stock photography can go a long way in some cases, but the worst thing is driving down your town’s main street and seeing your billboard and another business using the exact same stock image. There are some basic questions you will want to ask to determine the best route to take for this critical component of your marketing.

Do you want/need to depict your culture and people honestly?

Do you want/need to present your facilities in an accurate way?

Do you want/need to show your services and benefits in a way that showcases how you are unique?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, stock may not be the right solution but authentic photography is. You should strongly consider having proprietary images produced. Let Chartwell help you tell your unique story, and make those thousand words all about the real you.