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Top 2023 Marketing Trends

With 2022 almost in our rearview mirror, at Chartwell Agency, we’ve been thinking a lot about the year ahead and what the top marketing trends will be in 2023. We don’t have a magic crystal ball, but we do have the experience of working with clients across the United States and in many industries, such […]


Recession Proof Your Marketing

The fear of a recession is real, and there is a large debate on whether the downturn will begin this year or next. This means a potential decrease in consumer spending, fewer products and services being sold by businesses, and more job loss are all on the horizon. Very often during times of economic downturn, […]

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Timeless Bank & Credit Union Marketing Trends

Social media, blogs, community outreach, advertising, website content, video development, oh my! How can financial marketing teams today manage their time and resources to effectively attract new clients and drive growth? Hint: Less is more. With a few foundational elements in place and smart planning, you can turn your marketing plan into your best one […]

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Combatting the Great Resignation: Tips for Marketing and Communications Teams

In the most recent employment data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.3 million Americans quit their job in August 2021. This is a record-high rate, with the most people quitting their jobs in the south and Midwest regions of the country. Known as the “Great Resignation” and sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the […]