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The Future of AI and Graphic Design

Artificial intelligence (AI) exploded onto the scene at the end of last year with the introduction of OpenAI’s “ChatGPT” user interface and API. ChatGPT, “Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer” is an incredible AI tool where you enter a prompt into a text field and OpenAI’s conversational chat bot gives you extremely detailed answers on any topic […]


Insights from a Recent Website Redesign

There is more to website redesign than good looks. The construction of your website has to be innovative, be held to the latest SEO standards, with impactful messaging, and have rock-solid functionality. When designing a website, you must become an expert in the industry, create a design that is relevant to the viewer, and make […]


Vertical Video: Three Reasons to go Vertical

In my first blog of this series I laid out the reasons why you should be using video in your marketing efforts. The number of people consuming video on their mobile devices is staggering and only increasing. In my most recent vlog I went over what types of videos your company or organization should be […]

The Benefits of Implementing a ROWE

3,125 Hours. That was the amount of time I spent in a car driving to and from work for the last five years. This is the equivalent of 130 days behind the wheel. I spent 4.3 months on the highway between home and work. That sounds crazy right? That is more than twice the average […]