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External Email Marketing: Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Leveraging It

The main goal of most brands is simple: reach and engage with their ideal audience. Unfortunately, there are countless strategies and dozens of platforms at your disposal. Feeling paralyzed with uncertainty? Chartwell Agency can assist, if…

GA4 vs UA: Some New Features to Help You Build Better Marketing Strategies

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Take a look at this deeper dive into some of Google Analytics 4 new features that set it apart from Universal Analytics.

Google Analytics 4: Five Reasons You Should Embrace It

, , The year was 2012. The iPhone 5 was just released and boasted a stunning eight-megapixel camera. Facebook decided to purchase a fun little photo-sharing app called Instagram and acquired all 13 of its employees…

Chartwell Agency Acquires Moyer Digital

Acquisition Creates Fully Integrated Approach to Client’s Digital Needs Chartwell Agency, an award-winning marketing firm based in northern Illinois, today announced it has acquired Moyer Digital, a full-service digital marketing strategy…

Chartwell Agency Develops 50th Anniversary Campaign for Crusader Community Health

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Chartwell Agency, an award-winning marketing firm based in northern Illinois, recently developed and implemented a successful marketing campaign for Crusader Community Health to celebrate the organization’s 50th anniversary and raise awareness…

Chartwell Agency Develops Successful Integrated Marketing Campaign for Racine Unified School District

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Chartwell Agency recently developed and implemented a fully integrated marketing campaign for the Racine Unified School District (RUSD) to drive enrollment for its schools, raise awareness of its educational offerings, and position itself as…

Marketing Resolution for 2022: More Video, Part 2

, , , , After exploring the idea of “why video” in my first blog in this series, we are now going to dive into the types of videos can make the biggest marketing impact to get your desired results. What makes video…

Content is NOT One and Done: Leveraging Marketing Content

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We all know people get their information in many ways, so when you develop a piece of content whether it’s a blog, customer story, white paper or something else, it’s important to use multiple outlets to share the information with your…

Online Search Behaviors: Tips to Help People Find You

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When people search online, regardless of what browser they use, they will end up on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and must sift through the results to find what they’re looking for. How do they do that and, more importantly, how do they find you?

Education Marketing Trends – Three Post-Pandemic Tips To Recruit and Retain the Next Gen of Incoming Classes

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Education marketing is a challenge, whether it’s for a large public school district or a small private college. The pandemic changed the world, and education has felt that change acutely in both its classrooms and marketing plans. As we emerge…