GA4 vs UA: Some New Features to Help You Build Better Marketing Strategies

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Take a look at this deeper dive into some of Google Analytics 4 new features that set it apart from Universal Analytics.

5 Pieces for a Powerful Marketing Campaign

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When a client asks us to create a new piece of collateral or develop a campaign or program, our typical response is “sure thing, we’ll have that to you in a couple of weeks.”

Marketing Strategies to Curb the Candy Hangover

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Trick or treat!  It’s time again for my annual Halloween-themed blog. I have talked about how you can sweeten up your marketing strategies using popular Halloween candy as examples, how your plan can die in its tracks using horror movie analogies and how you can dress up your marketing ideas using costumes as a theme.

SEO Marketing Guide

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If you’re a bank or credit union, now is the time to invest in optimizing your website through search engine optimization (SEO).

Not an Online Brochure – Writing Website Copy That Works!

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At Chartwell Agency, we do more than design and develop beautiful websites – we also write the website copy. Why? Writing website copy is a specialized style of marketing content development that is part science, part artform. Understanding the user experience, following best practices for consistent content presentation, telling a story, and driving a call to action across multiple display variables represent just a few of the challenges for web copywriters. Here are a few tips to write website copy that really works.

The WWW (WHY? WHAT? WHO?) of Website Development

, , Websites are the core of most businesses’ brands. They are a portal for people to know and understand who you are, what you do, why you do it, and what you can do for them. As digital and virtual engagement…

Marketing Resolution for 2022: More Video, Part 2

, , , , After exploring the idea of “why video” in my first blog in this series, we are now going to dive into the types of videos can make the biggest marketing impact to get your desired results. What makes video…

Online Search Behaviors: Tips to Help People Find You

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When people search online, regardless of what browser they use, they will end up on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and must sift through the results to find what they’re looking for. How do they do that and, more importantly, how do they find you?

Investing in an Industry-Focused Marketing Agency

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Audrey Moon shares her thoughts on the benefits of investing in an industry-focused marketing agency.

Celebrating 20 Years of Storytelling

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In 2022, Chartwell Agency will be celebrating its 20th year in business. It didn’t dawn on me until a team member mentioned it to me recently. How could that be? Didn’t I just establish PR Etc. – the precursor to our 2014 rebrand to Chartwell Agency – out of my home (at a time when working from home looked nothing like it does now)?