Public Relations Myths and the Real Strategies Behind Them

, , , When I started at Chartwell Agency, I had no experience working for a public relations and marketing agency. My knowledge of public relations came from television with limited exposure at work. This created…
my first vlog

Tips for Making Your First Vlog

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Check out these tips to help overcome some of the issues that come with vlogging.

Social Media Content Creation: Don’t Forget the Awareness Days!

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There is a great value in adding Awareness Days to your social media content. Here are some strategies that you can use to make the most of them.

Turn Your Camera on During Video Conferencing

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Video conferencing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, in a Forbes Insights, 80 percent of executives shared that video calls were replacing audio calls as “the norm” for internal collaboration and 84 percent felt it was becoming preferred for external collaboration as well. This vlog will highlight why it’s important to turn your camera on during video calls.

Financial Industry Marketing Trend: Keep it Virtual

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Forecasting financial industry marketing and public relations trends is an important component of any communications and marketing plan. Check out some of these trends to help enhance your visibility.

The ABC’s of School Branding Efforts that Make the Grade

, , , , , Public schools, private schools, community colleges, and statewide universities all have one major objective in common: attracting students and increasing enrollment. But that’s where their similarities end.…
positive phrasing vlog image

Positive Phrasing – Why I Have a Big Problem with “No Problem”

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Positive phrasing is positioning a statement more positively. It means removing negative words in favor of positive ones, offering options, and emphasizing positive outcomes and consequences.

Graduate to Better School Marketing to Grow Your Organization’s Enrollment

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As schools focus on enrollment, here are four simple guidelines to improve your school marketing and grow your organization's enrollment.

The Value of Blogs: Is Their Market Share Increasing or Decreasing?

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These four great reasons demonstrate why the value of blogs continues to grow.

Want to Earn Interest in Your Financial Marketing

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To feel more confident in your financial marketing and communications today, consider strategies that will help increase interest earnings in your marketing portfolio. What does that look like?