Enhancing the brand – it’s not just for clients anymore.

Enhancing the brand – it’s not just for clients anymore.

We take great pride and strides in ensuring we are listening to our clients (and potential clients) to understand their business challenges and developing strategic plans and implementing marketing tactics to address and exceed expectations to impact their revenue, brand, and organizational outcomes.

We believe in each client for whom we work and enjoy every project we work on so much that we spend much more time on our clients than on ourselves. It’s a common problem for companies – and especially entrepreneurial organizations. It’s called the “Cobbler’s Children Syndrome” in which the proverbial children of the shoemaker go without shoes.

Now, I’m not saying Chartwell Agency has no shoes. In fact, we’re blessed with a lovely closet full of footwear. We’ve taken a very aggressive approach to the marketing initiatives we recommend to others – an active social media page, a proactive community outreach program, key collateral, ongoing public relations, advertising, and a website updated with our blogs and updated information on our firm.

With the awesome additions of an  Art Director  and  Director of Business Development  who have joined our already-amazing team of professionals, we have the perfect storm of growth and development.

With that in mind, we’re working aggressively to further our brand, collateral, website and key marketing materials. We can’t show you yet, but I encourage you to stay tuned – we’ll be sure to announce it loudly and proudly in a few weeks.

In the meantime, ask yourself, is your marketing where it needs to be? Is it time to discuss a “marketing revive” program? Are you going after a new industry/market and need refreshed materials? Or do you need a proactive game plan to further market your company, your product or service?

We can relate because we’ve been there, and we speak from real experience. Who better to manage your approach?