Investing in an Industry-Focused Marketing Agency

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I recently celebrated my six-month anniversary at Chartwell Agency after working for more than a decade in journalism. Since I started my new career, many of my friends and family (especially my mom), have asked what I do at Chartwell. My response is that we’re a full-service communications and marketing agency that specializes in branding, digital marketing, ad creative, website and video development, public relations, crisis communications, strategic planning and more. Oh, and we have a lot of fun while we’re at it!

To really illustrate it, I tell them to think of some of the major brands they know throughout the region, and the chances are Chartwell has touched their product in some way. It might be a digital ad for a credit union, website for a non-profit organization, a billboard for a university or physicians group, or a story they saw on the 6 p.m. news.

Marketing is key to business success. At Chartwell, we provide high-impact marketing results for our clients because of our industry expertise, 20 years of effective storytelling, and advocacy and encouragement that helps our clients with their messaging and business growth.

What helps set Chartwell apart from other marketing agencies is that we specialize in industry verticals. While we help any industry, we have team members that are specifically dedicated to key industries, including healthcare, education, financial and economic development.

I’m on the financial and economic development team along with Vice President Catherine Povalitis. We work with clients in the credit union, financial institutions, and wealth management sector, along with an impressive lineup of job growers, business boomers, and money makers for the regions where our clients are located.

We are officially lifelong learners, especially interested in how to best position our financial and economic development clients to reach their key audiences more effectively. We’re researching these industries, staying up to date on trends, and studying how clients, stakeholders, and customers are responding to marketing efforts. Here are some examples:

  • We recently attended a series of virtual events put on by Pinterest. The 2022 Pinterest Predicts webinar told us that financial empowerment and financial independence are going to be trending topics with Millennials and Gen Z this year. We immediately went to our wealth management and credit union clients with ideas on how their brand should be on the platform in an effort to reach more people interested in their services.
  • We work with a credit union that wanted to start promoting its vehicle loans. The campaign started just as the national chip shortage was impacting the auto industry. Their internal data coupled with data from the digital marketing campaign told us people were simply not buying cars. Instead of scrapping the campaign, Chartwell helped the credit union pivot to promoting its refinance options as a way to help members save more money. Being aware of our client’s goals, studying the data, and knowing the industry overall allowed Chartwell to confidently advise on what could have potentially provided little ROI, but ended up being a big success.
  • Chartwell also attends key conferences focused on our key verticals to further gain insight, learn next/best practices to  bring back valuable information to further serve our clients.

On our clients’ behalf, we learn something new every day. And because of that, we grow our expertise when it comes to managing financial and economic development organizations. The same goes for the experts in our healthcare and education verticals.

When you hire a marketing agency like Chartwell, you hire an extension of your team. There is a team of smart, talented, energetic, and creative experts by your side. We specialize in your industry and take the time to research, think proactively on your behalf and capitalize on the great things you’re already doing. When you hire a marketing agency like Chartwell, you also hire cheerleaders and advocates. We’ve got it handled so you can focus on the products, people, and possibilities in your business.

If you want to learn more about hiring an agency, incorporating marketing into your budget, or want to learn more about our industry expertise, connect with us today. We’d love to join your team and support you in your marketing, communications and business goals.