Lights, Camera, Action: Three Elements for Marketing with Video


As we have discovered in my earlier blogs, there is no media channel more powerful than video for marketing your company or organization to your target audience. Video draws in the viewer and creates a lasting understanding and a deeper connection to your goals. We have all heard the phrase “Lights, Camera, Action,” but did you stop to think about those words as a formula or the three elements for success with video? Following is some insight to help you make a bigger impact with video on your marketing and business goals.


When you consider what you are seeing on the screen you are viewing, you come to the realization that what the camera is simply capturing is light. That is why I consider this to be the most important of the three elements for success with video. The way that you use light in your video tells a story before you even press the record button on the camera. A backlit subject tells a completely different story than a side-lit subject. We all know that if you are wanting to look scary you take that flashlight and you place it under your chin. You do not even have to growl or grumble a word because just the way you are using light evokes a frightful emotion in the viewer. Telling a story with the way you light your scene enhances the connection with the viewer. This leads us to our second of the three elements for success with video: your camera.


One of the most asked questions I get is, “What camera is best for video recording?” My answer, “The one that you have.” It is important to remember that the most crucial thing is to capture the video. At times it seems as if creators put up a barrier and limit themselves by thinking that they can’t use video in their marketing efforts because they do not have the right camera.  I do see encouraging signs with each of the social media platforms showing just how incredibly creative content producers can be with just their cell phone. The technology in mobile cameras rivals that of “professional” cameras of just a few years ago. At Chartwell we rely on a mirrorless, full-frame camera for both our extensive video and photo projects. We have the lights, we have the camera, now we are ready for the last of the three elements for success with video: the action.


The “action” is the story you are telling. We have found that great planning before you even touch the lights or camera is essential to a successful outcome that exceeds client expectations. We understand the importance of video production, and our team works hard for you so that you can create lasting connections with your target audiences. We have been telling our clients’ stories for the last 20 years and it shows.

With Chartwell’s video and video editing capabilities, it is now even easier to create meaningful videos that tell your business or organization’s story. If you want to learn more about our video capabilities and how we can help you with your video content strategy contact Chartwell today and let’s get started!