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First Free Rockford is a leading member of the Rockford religious community with a rich 125-year history. With classic and contemporary services each Sunday and a renewed energetic approach, First Free wanted to better connect with, and serve, the millennial generation – a group entering into long-term relationships, starting families and establishing themselves as the next generation of leaders for our community.


Chartwell created the Life is More campaign to work in a series, each giving an example of ways that “life offers more when you …” For many, faith is the first place they turn when looking for “more” in life. With Life is More, we communicated that life has opportunities to provide deeper experiences, insights, and wonder than most people realize, while positioning First Free Rockford as a partner in that discovery process.

As a multi-generational church, the campaign needed to underscore the value of relationships between church members; encourage inter-generational connections and interactions; and target millennials while still appealing to church-goers of all ages.

With the millennial stereotype of living by 140-character tweets, considering “Facebook friends” real relationships, and soaking up media instead of life experiences, Life is More had the flexibility to translate well across multiple advertising mediums and outreach/thought leadership opportunities.


First Free Rockford adopted the Life is More campaign and integrated it across billboards, digital advertising, social media, radio, banners, printed materials and a sermon series. The campaign launched in January 2016 and generated significant media coverage, social media buzz, enhanced attendance (online and in person) and significant increased tithing.