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Ingenium Aerospace is a leading provider of actuation devices to the aerospace, defense, marine, industrial and space marketplace. The company designs, engineers, procures, assembles and tests product. Its key service divisions include analysis and testing, actuation and MRO.


In an effort to grow Ingenium within its niche market, Chartwell Agency worked on a website redesign and marketing collateral that helped develop brand association, reputation and credibility. Considerable time was spent updating the messaging to reflect the most current services, unique value and projects for Ingenium. With the foundational messaging established, Chartwell then translated that information across the website and print materials.


Ingenium shared that the process of developing their messaging and website very much informed how they position the company in a very pedigreed industry. It provided internal clarity, which has helped improve their sales pitches, presentation decks and more. A new brochure and service line slicks present Ingenium in an approachable manner using a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format for high-visibility events such as the Paris Air Show.