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Sherry Pritz Enderle is an award-winning artist and photographer based in Rockford, Illinois. She applies her signature contemporary style to her photographs by highlighting certain aspects with color and other techniques to make the end result resemble a painting. Her work is known for its surreal and sometimes abstract feel, and her pieces can be found in many business and private settings.


Sherry approached Chartwell Agency as she was looking to expand Pritz Photography further into the retail world by connecting with local, regional and national gift shop managers to carry her branded products in their stores. We suggested strategy to cut through the clutter of mail and information being sent to these shop manager with a modern, easy-to-read postcard that showcased the artwork and removed barriers to understanding and receiving her message: visit the website, view products and place
an order.


The postcard elegantly showcased Sherry’s unique new product line, particularly her signature piece – a Bluetooth speaker imprinted with her various artwork selections. It paired nicely with the launch of her e-commerce website and to target museum representatives who had been introduced to her work through a museum
store-specific conference.