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Crisis Communications

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Estes is a leading regional construction holding company headquartered in downtown Davenport, Iowa. Estes takes great pride in being prepared and proactive, both in operational and corporate-wide communications initiatives. With that in mind, Chartwell Agency was hired to update its existing – but outdated – crisis communications manual. Chartwell also provided training to all levels of employees throughout the three construction companies – City Construction, Point Builders and Estes Construction – to ensure the consistent use of communications best practices should any challenging situations occur.


Chartwell Agency updated the existing crisis manual to more fully integrate communications through the firm’s growing communications channels and audiences. We also helped the Estes team identify and clarify appropriate roles and responsibilities for key leadership and created sample situations complete with timelines and expectations for each role.

As part of the plan, Chartwell developed a post-crisis procedure process to ensure a thoughtful and effective post-mortem review of any situation, as well step-by-step guides for responding to any crisis which could be applied to any unanticipated events.

As part of an ongoing relationship, Chartwell Agency provides an annual training to Estes field employees to ensure effective media/public communications by those who are often closest and most likely to be called for an initial response to a crisis situation.


Estes’ leadership team has been so pleased with the work provided by Chartwell, they have requested ongoing, regular training for all levels of employees within the organization. Estes also placed Chartwell as a partner in its annual company maintenance program for Crisis Management for all three companies. Estes continues to refer numerous business partners and vendors to Chartwell’s services, either to help address a current crisis situation or help prepare proactive communications.

“Commercial construction is a very dangerous occupation and Chartwell helped us prepare how to not only speak to the press but more importantly how to speak and care for our employees in case something did happen.” – Ric Parades, Vice President, Estes