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Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union



Our Expertise:

Facilitation & Training
Campaign Theme/Concepts
Graphic Design/Video Development

Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union is largely based in Wyoming, with additional locations in Colorado. Wyoming is the 9th largest state in the U.S. and ranked 50th in terms of population. Residents in Wyoming are independent individuals who, in some cases, are isolated from city amenities (or even neighbors). The geography, climate and terrain cultivate an independent streak, but residents value their roles in a community and the importance of family. Meridian works to meet their needs by building solid relationships, cultivating trust and developing a sense of belonging.


Meridian Trust wanted to create a video series that communicated an emotional connection with its brand, grounded in a message the underscored a member’s connection to Meridian Trust throughout various stages of life. The series needed to develop the personal side of the brand, tapping into the sense of community and the value of the human relationships that differentiate the credit union experience. The goal was to share the meaningful, personal and family-like relationships formed with members that serve as the hallmark of the Meridian Trust difference.

Chartwell Agency created the What Matters Most concept to focus on the relationships that Meridian Trust develops. Keeping people at the heart of everything they do, Meridian Trust acts as a trusted partner providing its members with the support to realize their dreams like growing the family business, saving for a child’s education, buying a home or traveling the world – all dreams from real members shared in the videos.


Chartwell oversaw numerous hours of footage of couch-style interviews allowing Meridian Trust members to share their own stories in their own voices, reinforcing an emotional – and authentic connection – to the brand. The videos showcased the diversity of Meridian Trust’s members, their needs and the role the credit union plays in their lives. The series currently includes one long format, two 60-second videos and three 30-second videos.

Creating an Authentic and Emotional Approach to the Brand

Chartwell Agency’s partnership with Meridian Trust began by understanding their brand, their members, their true market differentiators and their ability to focus on the organization brand vs. just the service and product offerings. Through our core messaging development and conversations with members, we understood the unique relationships Meridian Trust develops and the impactful role they play in their members’ lives.

The videos were designed with a clean, minimalist, comfortable set, making viewers feel they are simply sitting across from a friend, gaining insight and a personal referral from a trusted source.