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The experts at Northern Illinois Vein Clinic (NIVC), located in Rockford, Illinois, and Gilvydis Vein Clinic (GVC), located in Geneva and Sycamore, Illinois, offer a variety of innovative treatment options. With the region’s highest success rates in the treatment of even the most complex vein issues, this medical practice helps patients get back to living the life they enjoy.

The medical practices of NIVC and GVC treat patients from all walks of life. From the 20-something active woman who’s struggling to keep up with her running partners due to persistent leg pain to the 55-year old man who just wants to spend some pain-free time watching his grandson play baseball, each patient’s story is different. What they all have in common, however, is a desire to get back to leading the life they led before the pain.


With the previous campaign (Get a Leg Up on Life) having successfully run its course for 18 months, it was time to launch a new concept that continued to support the organization’s ongoing growth goals.

The More ___Time, Less Down Time campaign shows patients in a variety of everyday settings, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Some of the initial ads include people of all ages enjoying regular activities that keep them active and bring joy. From exercising (More Running Time, Less Down Time), to walking the dog (More Best Friend Time, Less Down Time) to spending time with family (More Together Time, Less Down Time), the ads visually showcase individuals participating in these activities thanks to the experts at NIVC/GVC. The practice was central to getting them back to the activities they love with minimal to no downtime – a major concern for many leg pain patients.


The simplicity and flexibility of this campaign to show unlimited examples of everyday activities that can be impacted by leg pain is its strength. The copy and imagery translate effectively across all mediums to give this campaign an extended life.

Chartwell created the new marketing campaign, More ___Time, Less Down Time, coordinated advertising buy recommendations (for digital, print, radio and TV), and managed the production of 12, 15-second TV commercials to maximize the number of spots for the new campaign.

Similar to the previous campaign Chartwell developed, this multi-pronged campaign allowed the clinics to share an authentic and consistent message and gain enhanced exposure, trust, and credibility through marketing in the Rockford, Geneva and Sycamore markets.