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Rockford Promise is a non-profit 501(c)(3) location-based scholarship program that offers full-tuition scholarships to deserving graduates of Rockford Public School District 205. Rockford Promise believes that financial barriers are just part of the equation, so it also supports its Scholars with robust community mentorships, strong academic advising and meaningful social connections.

Modeled after Promise programs around the nation, Rockford Promise’s goal is to increase educational attainment in the community while providing a powerful economic incentive for potential residents and businesses to locate in the Rockford region.

In his 2018 State of the City address, Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara indicated his desire that Rockford Promise become a fully funded program, meaning that every graduate of RPS 205 would receive the scholarship. This public advocacy, as well a 12-year pattern of grassroots growth and momentum, made it necessary for Rockford Promise to consider rebranding the organization. This would also necessitate the development of a new website to better position the program, its successes, and potential benefits with corporate and individual donors, influencers and community thought leaders.


Chartwell Agency was hired to rebrand the organization, starting with its logo and including the creation of a new website that represents the organization as impactful, vibrant, and worthy of financial support by building a user-friendly, functional and compelling online experience. The new site highlights stories about the Scholars, volunteers, events and outcomes associated with Rockford Promise and serves as a vehicle to share the organization’s impact. The website was built with a mobile-first mentality, ease of ongoing maintenance, and impact-driving design and optimized content.

Additionally, Chartwell Agency designed a print brochure that also shares the Rockford Promise story, vision and impact in presentations and meetings with potential donors, volunteers and advocates. The new brand identity, website and brochure are part of the organization’s commitment to becoming a fully funded Promise program.


The new Rockford Promise brand, website and brochure are a compelling reflection of the vision, impact and potential of Rockford Promise. The website and brochure are used as presentation resources for donor development, a hub of Scholar information, and a central resource for ways to support the organization financially, through volunteering or with advocacy.

In the year following its website launch, Rockford Promise raised a record level of support and was able to provide a record number of full-tuition college scholarships to partner institutions. It is the hope of Rockford Promise to leverage the new brand, website and collateral to continue this trajectory until the organization is fully funded and every graduate of the public school system receives scholarships.