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RAMP Center for Independent Living is a nonprofit organization in Rockford, Illinois, promoting an accessible society that provides for and expects full participation by people with disabilities. Since 1980, RAMP has been redefining the perception of disabilities as a limiting factor. Its focus has been on helping empower those with disabilities – as well as their families, caregivers, schools and employers – to make changes, seek support, gather information and remove the barriers that prevent the realization of a full, rewarding life.


Chartwell Agency partnered with RAMP in 2018 to develop a distribution method for its developed and packaged curriculum and training for schools, businesses and organizations – dubbed OnRamp – through a user-friendly website purchase portal. Among the goals were to reach regional and national audiences; diversify revenue streams, decreasing reliance on and complimenting state support, federal funds and charitable giving; and earn regional and national recognition as a thought leader on subjects and opportunities related to meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities.

The decision was made to create a landing page/microsite that linked to RAMP’s existing site and a Shopify page. Chartwell created a logo for this new OnRAMP brand and content for the site that shared curriculum descriptions and forms and links to the Shopify page for purchases.


The clean site design at is modern and user friendly. It features the various OnRAMP platforms: iBelong for awareness, character and anti-bullying; Ignite for student empowerment and transition; and T’NT for young adult independence and transition. Each of these is highlighted with easy-to-read and relevant content that describes the audiences served, paired with accessible contact information. The site also features a scrolling bar of positive reviews from users, as well as a prominent call to action with a “Buy Now” button at the top of the page.

“As a nonprofit embarking on an entrepreneurial enterprise, we knew it was critical to utilize business-savvy professionals to help us enter an arena quite different from the one we typically play in. We have a professional platform that gives us the credibility we need for our peers and potential partners to take our products seriously.”

– Julie Bosma, Executive Director