External Email Marketing: Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Leveraging It

email marketing infographic

The main goal of most brands is simple: reach and engage with their ideal audience. Unfortunately, there are countless strategies and dozens of platforms at your disposal. Feeling paralyzed with uncertainty? Chartwell Agency can assist, if only to make you feel more confident in one marketing method available to you.

I’ve always been a fan, but after analyzing Chartwell Agency’s first-party data which included over 2 million emails sent in 2023, I am extremely bullish on external email marketing (emails of which you do not already have access). Internal email marketing (emails you have collected for your database) definitely serves a purpose and can be extremely effective when surrounded with a sound strategy, but there are new connections to make. If you’re still on the fence about whether external email marketing is right for your business, here are the top 5 reasons to consider it:

1. Reaching a Wider Audience with Advanced Targeting

External email marketing opens the door to a wider audience while allowing for precise targeting. By accessing external emails, you can connect with individuals who may not have otherwise encountered your brand. Whether you’re a university trying to attract new students or a healthcare practice looking to expand your patient base, external email marketing can help you cast a wider net and increase your chances of reaching the right people. The depths of targeting available to email marketers are vast and sure to help you dial in your ideal audience.

2. Building Credibility and Trust

One of the biggest assets of external email marketing is the opportunity to build credibility and trust with potential customers. When someone receives an email from a business, they are presented with a direct and personal interaction. If your emails offer valuable content, solve problems, and provide useful information, you are likely to earn their trust. It’s also a good way to present yourself as a subject matter expert. Over time, you will become a trusted source of information, which can come in very handy when it’s decision time.

3. Garnering High-Volume, High-Quality Traffic

If you build it (correctly), they will come. Put simply, external email strategies drive traffic. In 2023, Chartwell Agency clients are averaging a 17% open rate and a 2.52% click through rate from a two million email sample size. Remember, these are emails to a cold audience that may have never heard of your brand in the past. Still not sold? What if I told you that the traffic from these emails is so interested that it’s likely to be the most engaged traffic source entering your website? That’s exactly what we’ve been seeing this entire year.

The math is clear:

Right audience + clever subject line + compelling content = Significant & Engaged traffic

4. Optimizing from Data-Driven Insights

The beauty of external email marketing is that it’s not just a one-way conversation. Email marketing platforms provide extensive analytics that allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can track metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and website engagement via your analytics provider. This data allows you to adjust your approach, refine your content, and optimize your strategy for better results over time.

5. Leveraging Cost-Effective Marketing

Do you need to educate your audience? Do you have a compelling story to tell? Email provides the ample space you need to communicate to your ideal audience at an ROI-friendly cost. Budget constraints are a reality for many businesses. Email offers an attractive return on investment compared to other marketing channels. In case you were wondering, It’s about eight times more budget friendly than direct mail. You won’t need a massive advertising budget to get started, and the results are measurable, so you can allocate your budget to what works best for your business.


If you haven’t incorporated external email marketing into your business strategy, what are you waiting for? Hopefully, a well-timed blog outlining five compelling reasons to take the next step in your email marketing strategy was all you needed.

As you explore this powerful marketing channel, remember that success lies in delivering relevant, valuable, and engaging content to your ideal audience. External email marketing is a dynamic way to connect with potential customers and nurture relationships that can lead to business growth and success. So, set up those email campaigns, hit send and watch your audience grow.