Conducting an Audience Analysis to Drive New Business

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As organizations seek to grow their businesses, more often they are narrowing in on the “right fit” customers by conducting an audience analysis. Gone are the days of “spray and pray” that send out a message far and wide in the hope…
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Brand Refresh: How do you determine if it’s time for one?

Feeling old, worn out, and tired of your brand? Is it just not sitting the same way it used to? There is never a bad time to step back and assess your brand and determine if it needs a refresh. Refreshing a brand is crucial to staying relevant…
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Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns:  Six Essential Ingredients

When it comes to digital marketing campaigns, success isn't merely about plastering content onto digital platforms and crossing your fingers. It's a carefully crafted recipe of ingredients, each playing a critical role in capturing audiences…
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The Role of Public Relations in Today’s Digital World

The power of public relations (PR) is real – it helps to enhance reputation, build credibility, and grow overall brand awareness. It’s the triple threat of communications! And the role of public relations in today’s digital world has…
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Emotional Branding – How to Win Your Patient’s Hearts

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The most loyal customers are the ones that love you. They chose you because of how you make them feel and that feeling is uniquely associated to your product, service, or organization. It’s almost impossible for a competitor to replicate…

2024 Website Trends: Here are our A+ picks to embrace now

New year, new you, new website? As we settle into 2024, you may be asking yourself if it’s time for a website refresh or a full website redesign. As technology changes, even websites created in the last few years can seem dated. If you think…
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Strategic Marketing Moves for Economic Development Organizations in 2024

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As we enter 2024, experts predict a tumultuous economic landscape that could bring new challenges to businesses. With those, opportunities arise for economic development agencies to enhance their marketing and communication efforts to better…
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Positive Phrasing – Why I Have a Big Problem with “No Problem”

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Positive phrasing is positioning a statement more positively. It means removing negative words in favor of positive ones, offering options, and emphasizing positive outcomes and consequences.
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Pros and Cons for Hiring or Working with an Agency to Grow Your Marketing Team

We’ve all been there – realizing that the demands on your marketing department exceed your team’s availability– or capabilities – to meet those expectations. While we can anticipate peak seasons, if needs consistently outpace resources,…
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External Email Marketing: Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Leveraging It

The main goal of most brands is simple: reach and engage with their ideal audience. Unfortunately, there are countless strategies and dozens of platforms at your disposal. Feeling paralyzed with uncertainty? Chartwell Agency can assist, if…