machines working for manufacturing awareness month

Over the past two years at Chartwell, I’ve had the privilege of leading our economic development vertical. Along with that opportunity comes the honor of getting to know manufacturers and economic development engines across the country.

Manufacturing is behind the strength and vitality of our economy. Come every October, manufacturers have the chance to showcase how much and why they matter. It’s a time when businesses can engage with their audience and boost their brand recognition.

In this blog post, we’ll explore five effective tactics manufacturers can use to market and promote themselves.

Host Virtual Factory Tours:

Manufacturing is no longer dark, dirty, and dangerous (I stole this quote from a client of ours!). It’s bright, innovative, and offers advanced technology that is safe, efficient, and brilliant. Virtual factory tours can be a powerful tool in showcasing the amazing work environments in manufacturing. Offer guided virtual tours of your facility to provide an inside look at your processes and highlight your commitment to quality.

Amazon is doing virtual tours. Check them out.

Host an Event, Invite Everyone:

Nothing brings people together like a celebration! Hosting a unique event for Manufacturing Awareness Month can help your organization stand out and

create a lasting impact. This is a wonderful time to recognize employees and thank them for their work, host government leaders who are instrumental in policy that supports businesses, or provide networking with unions, technical programs, and universities who are critical to filling talent pipelines.

BONUS! If your company has a rich history, offer historical tours that explore the evolution of your manufacturing processes and products over the years.

Social Media Campaigns:

Leverage the power of social media platforms to share your manufacturing journey. Use dedicated hashtags for Manufacturing Awareness Month and engage with your audience through polls, Q&A sessions, and behind-the-scenes content. Social media is also an excellent place to share testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers.

Highlight Sustainability Efforts:

Leadership, boards of directors, and consumers today are increasingly conscious of environmental issues. Showcase your sustainability efforts, such as recycling programs, reduced waste initiatives, or energy-efficient practices, to connect with these audiences.

Have you seen Apple’s latest messaging on this? It’s fantastic.

Highlight Existing Marketing Material

The economic development powerhouses we work with have an arsenal of existing collateral that showcases the work they’re doing to drive the economy and support the local region. Make sure it’s on display on every platform you own — and not just in October.

Manufacturing Awareness Month offers a unique opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their strengths, connect with their audience, and bolster their brand image. By implementing some of these tactics, I hope you can embrace the spirit of Manufacturing Awareness Month, celebrate your achievements, and watch your brand’s visibility grow.

The Rockford Area Economic Development Council just finished a comprehensive piece. Check out their marketing efforts behind it.

Do you need help with any of this? While this month is Manufacturing Awareness Month, each month your organization should be sharing more about your company to build awareness, drive your workforce pipeline, and develop new business. Chartwell Agency would be happy to help develop a plan to promote your business for these goals year-round. At Chartwell, our team is uniquely equipped to help manufacturers, cargo carriers, logistics hubs, and economic engines grow their bottom line through more strategic marketing and communications! To learn more, connect with us today.