Baton Rouge Cardiology Center



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Digital Media

Baton Rouge Cardiology Center (BRCC) is an independent medical practice focused exclusively on the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular conditions. The center, which has served the community for nearly 40 years, boasts a specialized team comprised of physicians and advanced practice providers, delivering care at more than 20 locations in Louisiana and Mississippi.


In 2018, Baton Rouge Cardiology Center approached Chartwell Agency about developing a new website that would be more user friendly, interactive, and highlight the organization’s extensive regional history and outreach efforts. The new site warmly welcomes visitors with modern, attractive homepage buttons directing them to the most popular calls to action: find a doctor, find a location, request an appointment, and explore events and classes.

Understanding that Baton Rouge Cardiology Center’s former site was nearly a decade old, Chartwell worked closely with team members to create a strategy that reflected innovative and modern design while also improving functionality. Close attention was paid to back-end design—from page organization to plug-in installation—to assure a smooth transition for future site maintenance.


The new Baton Rouge Cardiology Center website ( offers a comprehensive overview of the organization’s makeup, services and much more. Current and future patients can now complete many tasks online: request an appointment or screening, specify additional needs through a contact form, access the patient portal and pay their bills. These accessible forms and interactive features saw immediate traffic when the site launched in September 2018.

Baton Rouge Cardiology Center’s deep expertise includes diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease, heart rhythm disorders, vascular disease and venous disease. Clearly explaining these treatment areas and conditions, as well as highlighting common symptoms, risk factors and treatments was critical in building a robust expertise section of the website.

These sections integrate short narratives on common conditions and stylized, bulleted lists of additional details. They also incorporate short patient education videos produced by a national organization but branded with the Baton Rouge Cardiology Center logo to add resources without burdening the client with additional costs and production time.