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OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center



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OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center is 250-plus bed hospital and healthcare services provider on a 100-acre campus in Rockford, Illinois. It’s part of a larger, integrated health system, OSF HealthCare, owned and operated by The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis in Peoria, Illinois. OSF in Rockford includes a Level 1 Trauma Center, the Illinois Neurological Institute, a cancer center, cardiovascular and surgical services, and more.


With its major competitors dominating headlines with mergers and building expansions, OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center needed to develop a compelling and authentic marketing campaign to build brand awareness and differentiate itself in the marketplace. The concept needed to be flexible and scalable and able to integrate into traditional and digital communication mediums, outreach efforts and public relations strategy.

OSF looked to Chartwell Agency’s expertise to review all current marketing efforts, identify primary messaging, develop a creative campaign concept, and drive production and distribution efforts in a multi-channel release. The campaign needed to provide a solid foundation upon which the hospital could grow, creating a platform to share OSF’s longstanding reputation for excellence, innovation and compassionate care.

The resulting campaign, “A Higher Power of Health,” played off OSF’s key differentiator as a faith-based organization and touted the medical center as the region’s healthcare provider of choice. In addition to developing overarching brand awareness, the campaign offered potential variations to draw additional attention to the connection to the Mayo Clinic Care Network (“Higher Power of Collaboration”), cancer care (“Higher Power of Caring”) and cardiovascular excellence (“Higher Power of Innovation”).


“A Higher Power of Health” was a fully integrated campaign featuring television commercials, billboards, public relations implementation, digital brand amplification, social media efforts, special events and a coordinated public relations push.

  • The first month of the public relations component doubled placements from previous months across all three of the region’s major networks, eight print publications and nine online media outlets.
  • The targeted approach yielded engagements with the ads from people with recent major life-events (new job, recently moved, recently married, birth of child, etc.) engaging with a rate two times higher, people searching for care at a rate three times higher and individuals with faith-based activity and looking for at a rate five times higher than the general population.
  • Within the first three months of the “Higher Power of Health” campaign, the digital campaign yielded 195,464 impressions, 61,480 unique users, 78,668 video views, 13,387 engagements (people who interact: like, comment, share, replay video) and 5,661 conversions (people who visit the webpage or Facebook page associated with the ad during the same browsing session).
  • The campaign launched across television, print, radio and billboard simultaneously, securing high-viewership spots during the Chicago Blackhawk Stanley Cup playoffs.