It’s Our First Vlog!

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Welcome to 2021 and congratulations on making it through 2020.

If we haven’t said it lately, thank you for taking time to visit our website and check out our blog.

Hello to all the new visitors out there. If you’ve been here before, this particular blog might look a little different (spoiler – it’s the video).

Most of us likely consumed a lot more video content in 2020 as we socially distanced and stayed at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. We were already spending about 3.7 hours a day on our mobile devices (including watching videos), but we shifted online even more to search for sourdough bread recipes and to Zoom with our family and friends.

Given what we know about the digital landscape and popularity of video, you can expect to see our faces more as we work internally at producing videos about what we do as a team and the great work we do for our clients (check out some of that work here).

Why is video important? Think about why you like video. It’s fun to watch, it’s engaging, easy to consume. It’s also an authentic way to connect with people about yourself, your organization, and/or your products and services.

Video is another way to tell your story. Storytelling and content are at the heart of what we do for our clients, and we can help businesses navigate that process in many ways – written blogs, media articles, marketing collateral and ad copy.

We’ve helped clients produce commercials, vlogs and virtual events. This whole turning-the-camera-onto-ourselves thing is a newer venture, and we look forward to further helping impact our clients’ businesses and organizations.

Investing time and money into video might seem intimidating, to the point that it prevents you from moving forward altogether. We totally get it. I’ve watched our first vlog many times, and I keep finding things to adjust for the next one.

This is when I remind you (and myself) of the mantra: progress, not perfection. We’re excited to communicate with you more via video in 2021, so check back for fresh vlog content throughout the year.