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Emotional Branding – How to Win Your Patient’s Hearts

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The most loyal customers are the ones that love you. They chose you because of how you make them feel and that feeling is uniquely associated to your product, service, or organization. It’s almost impossible for a competitor to replicate…
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Chartwell Agency Develops 50th Anniversary Campaign for Crusader Community Health

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Chartwell Agency, an award-winning marketing firm based in northern Illinois, recently developed and implemented a successful marketing campaign for Crusader Community Health to celebrate the organization’s 50th anniversary and raise awareness…

Healthcare Marketing Plans: Five Essentials

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While healthcare marketing is unique and can be challenging, the key strategies organizations should consider in their healthcare marketing plans are much like other industries and there are several basics that all healthcare organizations…
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Chartwell Agency Earns Six International Marketing Awards

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Chartwell Agency recently earned six MarCom Awards, including two Platinum – the highest honors, for marketing efforts on behalf of its clients. The MarCom Awards is an international creative competition which recognizes outstanding achievement…